In today’s video we go over the top 3 things you need to do to get more leads and sales for your restoration business.

What is up, everybody? Welcome to the restoration rundown podcast. The podcast that’s dedicated to you, the restoration business owner. My name is Ben. I’m your host. And I’m the CEO of Ironclad Restoration Marketing where I help restoration business owners across the United States and Canada now. Get more sales by getting their internet marketing right.

Today I wanted to sit down and make this episode kind of simplify and maybe demystify a little bit all the misinformation that’s out there about digital marketing and about how people are getting leads online for the restoration businesses. I can’t tell you how many guys we talked to and I’m talking about my team and myself, different contractors across the us that handle everything whether they’re indoor air quality guys, even property, home inspectors, restoration business owners, public adjusters, they all kind of fall in that same vertical; and they’re all dealing and struggling with the same thing.

So today, I thought it would be prudent to talk about just three things that you can do for your business to get more leads in 2022. This is pulled strictly from our 2022 internet marketing plan that we ran in January. But I thought it would be prudent to bring this back up because it’s going to simplify things and put things into perspective for you guys, especially if you’ve been dealing with the normal struggles everybody has, whether it’s just, you know, “Hey, I’m not getting any phone calls”, “Our marketing agency dropped the ball,” My in-house team dropped the ball”, whatever the case may be, you might be doing this stuff yourself, which I’m all about. I love DIY, anybody that knows me knows I like to do a lot of things myself. So, we’re going to get right into it.

So basically, in having a restoration business, you have to rely on certain different ways to get leads. Whether it’s getting referrals from property managers, real estate agents, roofers, plumbers, et cetera, et cetera. But the nature of the world we live in nowadays in 2022, believe it or not, a good majority of new business is coming from the internet. Right?

If you don’t know what the internet is, I can’t tell you. I don’t know either. But I know that it’s a great way to get leads for your business and you should have a strong online presence in order to make that happen. In my book we talk about, I mean the whole entire book is dedicated to digital marketing, but we specifically talk about the different online channels and there’s so many out there and not one of them is better per se, than the others, but there’s three core fundamental that you need to be focusing on, that can maybe just kind of simplify this stuff down. So I’m going to go ahead and share my screen here of the slide.

So top three things that you need to be focused on going to get leads. Organic search. As you see, as on the bottom of this, the Ironclad’s triangle of success, that should be the foundation of any marketing plan. Okay? I’ve had episodes before we’ve talked about how important organic traffic is, how valuable it is, it’s more sustainable in the long run, it’s a cheaper way to get leads. And again, we’re looking at a search engine result, we’re looking at taking over as much real estate on page one as possible. And organic search is that area that’s right below the map’s listings. It’s non-paid, it’s not the pay-per-click, it’s not the maps, although you’ll find out that they’re tied together, they’re all intertwined in a way.

The next middle of that, and I guess the middle of the triangle and the three ways the middle and the bottom really are going, more into each other – Google business. It used to be called Google My Business. It’s now called Google Business Profile. December of 2021 to January, there was a major algorithm update that rolled out. They changed the name, they’ve updated their parameters, and Google Business Profiles, really how you can rank in the map section. Right? So for breaking down a search engine, you’ve got the top pay-per-click then you’ve got the map section, then you’ve got your organic search.

The map section is also very prominent on mobile search. So, you know, 90% I think, or so of a search result or people that are searching for a home services type of help are coming from a mobile device. And it makes sense. So, you know, you’re dealing with guys that were in Florida and we’ve talked about this a lot, but if we have a hurricane, we don’t have power, we’re not getting on our desktop computer. Right? The wifi is out, power’s out, we’re out of luck, but we still have our phones. Right?

So if we’re in an emergency type situation, we’re going to pull our phones out and use it. And the nature of the world we live in. I mean, we are just tied to our cell phones. Nobody leaves home without them anymore. We’re tethered to them. It’s everything. We have everything in the world at our fingertips. So it only makes sense that, Google’s algorithm, really relies heavily on mobile search.

Actually mobile and not having a mobile friendly website, you’re not going to get ranked, so they switched to mobile first indexing quite a few years back now. So if you don’t have a mobile version of your website or your website’s not mobile friendly, you probably should stop watching this video and start watching some other videos on how to make that happen. It is super important.

So if you really don’t have like a fully robust built website that’s made to convert, and you might just have a landing page, you might’ve done it yourself, just do yourself a favor, make sure that you have a mobile website. If you have any questions about that, shoot us a message, leave us a comment. We have a ton of resources on how to do that and in fact, we can help you through that yourself. But a lot of the website builders now that our people are using it, everybody, all the CMSs usually have a mobile sites come right out the box.

And the last thing that you need to be doing for your restoration business to get leads in 2022 was Pay-Per-Click. I’ll say this with a caveat. Not everybody can afford paper. It’s expensive. Especially with property damage restoration, you’ve gotta be spending at least 2,500 bucks a month just on ads. And I implore you to make sure you’re using an agency that knows what they’re doing has a track record in the restoration industry, because you don’t want to just that 2,500 can go really quick.

When you’re talking about water damage leads or storm damage leads, if there’s a storm, those cost per clicks go higher and higher and higher because it’s a bidding process, right? So it’s a supply and demand kind of deal. But in a perfect world, you would position yourself to have the budget, to be able to do all three of these things effectively. But if you’re balling on a budget, you got to make sure that you have your SEO down and your Google Business Profile is being properly managed.

Let’s dive into that a little bit. So you guys might’ve thought that this was just a simple one and done, we’re going to give you the three things. But I’m going to give you a little bit more now. So we’re going to talk about each one of these channels, why they’re important and what you really need to do to make them happen.

Let’s talk about organic search. So if you don’t know, the organic section, like I mentioned before is right below the maps and it’s what people click to when they actually searched for something. If I was a user and I went into my kitchen was flooded, I may search for something like, “what do I do if my kitchen’s flooded” or “I need a water damage restoration contractor near me”. So you’re going to get a search result on Google. It’s going to list Pay-Per-Click. So it’s gonna be the people running their ads for water damage restoration. Then you’re gonna have a map section. It’s going to give you the maps results of the Google Business Profiles and those guys that are doing it right.

You want to be in that top three, the snack pack. Those are the ones that are seen without having to click to look at more. You’re going to have those and that’s based off proximity. We’ll get into that in a second and then you’re gonna have the organic results. Just how people’s brains work.

Sometimes people just aren’t going to look at the ads, which doesn’t hurt you. If you’re running Pay-Per-Click, who cares? You’re only paying when they click on it. So having that placement and having that real estate on page one is big. The organic section, is the area of a search engine results that is non-paid and you rank there with a number of factors.

There’s over 200 ranking factors but the first and foremost, you have to have a website that’s built to convert. You have to have the right content on your website, the metadata, which is the backend data and how Google reads the website and indexes it. We have another video talking to specifically about that if you want to learn how search engines work, all that stuff goes into your ranking factor and pushing you up. But at the end of the day, it’s all about authority.

Every Google algorithm change that comes out, all of their best practices, everything they do is with the best intent on providing the most relevant results to their user base that they possibly can. The algorithms aren’t there to hurt you. The only way an algorithm change hurts an agency or hurts your company is that if you’re doing things that aren’t necessarily right.

Now there’s things that come out like the mobile first indexing that changed the game. It forced people to adhere to how people were searching and while that’s a pain in the butt, it makes sense. If 90% of internet traffic is coming from a mobile device, then yeah, you should have it. And you are, depending on having leads come from the internet, then now you should have a mobile friendly website.

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