Don’t Miss This Huge Opportunity With Search Engines And Your Restoration Business

Do you take pictures of the restoration jobs you do?

If you are not taking photos of the jobs you are remediating, whether it’s water, fire, mold, or storm damage, and posting them on your Google business profile, your website and your social media, you are missing out on a massive opportunity to have those images show up in search engine results.
That’s right! Google finally announced the use of their AI to scan photos and be able to have them pop up in image results when people query something on their search engine. So for instance, if you’re remediating a water damage job and you throw that picture up on your Google business profile with a nice caption, it goes on your Instagram and your Facebook, throw it up on a blog on your website, showing off before and afters, Google is actually going to be able to scan that picture to show the keywords that may be involved in a picture. For instance, water damage restoration in whatever city you took the picture in.
If you don’t, we strongly suggest you take before, during, after and also pics of your team. Then post them on your Google Business account, website, social, etc. By doing so you will get more visibility in the search engines = more traffic = more calls = more $$$. So don’t miss out on this massive opportunity. Cast a wide net to get as many leads and get as many eyeballs on your business as you possibly can. Now go get some!
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