Would you have someone you barely know set you up a business license or have the logins to your website, Google, etc. and you don’t have access to any of those assets? 

Would you ever allow an employee or your neighbor’s kid or a nephew or a niece to go register your business for you? Probably not. Would you send them to get all your business licensing for you? Probably not. Would you let them put your insurance in their names? No! You probably wouldn’t do that.
And if you did, at some point, if the relationship soured or you wanted to move in a different direction, really, you have no recourse. This person owns all of your tangible assets for your business, right? It’s like going and buying a vehicle and allowing somebody else to buy that. And then you go to fire that person, good luck getting your car back. And we see this happen time and time again. I’d say if we talked to 10 guys a day in the U.S. and Canada, five or six of them at least are in some sort of situation like this.
If this sounds like you then do yourself a big favor and make sure you have all the logins to every online asset you own, you’ll thank us later 🙂
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