Brandon Reece and Chris Nordyke (Floodlight Consulting Group) return to the Restoration Rundown podcast.

Podcast Date: Friday, May 3rd | Time: 9:00 AM (EST) | Where: Youtube and LinkedIn Live

About Floodlight Consulting Group:

We founded FLOODLIGHT knowing that every time we equipped a Restoration leader for maximum impact we were starting a chain reaction of positive change in another organization, community and City. Ensuring Restorers build organizations that will continue to experience success long into the future.

Floodlight Consulting Group is a full service, business consulting company, in the restoration industry. We specialize in restoration. It’s all we do. All of our consultants have deep operational leadership and or ownership background. So we really specialize in coming alongside restorers and helping them reach their objectives, you know, which for some people is selling their company to a private equity or transitioning their company to  children or key employees of the business.

And for some, it’s just dialing in their business to where they have a business that they’d love to run and operate. And so everything from field operations and leadership and HR to sales and marketing, all of that stuff, we kind of, think of ourself as a battle buddy to help our entrepreneur clients.

Excel and take their business wherever they want it to go. Yeah. And then in addition to that, of course, we run the head heart and boots podcast. That’s a big passion project for Chris and I, and it’s our space where we just get to explore some, you know, those other aspects of us as leaders and entrepreneurs and business owners.

And we just kind of, you know, no one has to be forced to listen to it. So we can kind of, just run down whatever path we feel like, is relevant in the moment or relevant in terms of where we’re at in our own personal business. And I think people get a lot of. A value of just kind of, hanging out in those conversations and saying, man, I can relate to that. I’m not alone. And so we really enjoy that project as well. It’s probably for us as much as it is for everybody in restoration.

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