One of our new clients mentioned that a previous agency that was managing their Google Ads would charge them a flat fee which included their management fee and ad spend. They had not idea how much of that fee was going towards the actual ad spend vs management fee. That is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re thinking about hiring an agency to manage your Pay-per-Click campaigns for your restoration business, then you need to make sure you have a clear understanding of your monthly budget breakdown. Meaning you need to know how much money that agency is gonna charge you to manage those ads and how much money that monthly budget is actually going to the ads.

A lot of agencies out there will just charge a lump sum and restoration contractors eat it up and pay for it, end up not getting any calls, no clicks; and the biggest reason is, nine times out of ten, that management company is just pocketing all the money and putting next to nothing to your ads.

So before you pull the trigger, before you sign that credit card agreement, make sure you have a clear understanding about how much money is actually going to the ads versus their management fee. And that the company you’re gonna choose is as transparent as possible. So you can maximize your reach, maximize the amount of clicks and maximize the amount of leads and phone calls you get for your restoration industry, and really make your Pay-per-Click budget go the furthest they can get.

By the way, at Ironclad, we always use our clients’ Google Ad accounts where they are the owner of that account and just add us as users with limited access. This way they can see exactly what is being spent on ads.

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