One of the biggest mistakes we see restoration companies make when it comes to their social media content is just pitching their services. In today’s video we will point you in the right direction when it comes to what to post on your social media accounts. For example, a majority of your content should provide tips, answers to FAQ’s, before and after photos/videos of jobs, etc.

What’s up everybody? Welcome to the Ironclad Marketing Minute. My name is Ben Ricciardi with Ironclad Restoration Marketing. And today’s Marketing Minute is all about social media. Now we get a lot of calls here at Ironclad about how property damage restoration contractors can leverage social media to get more leads.

Now you have to remember social media is a very passive and invasive form of marketing. So what we like to tell our clients and what we like to tell people out there when it comes to social media is you have to keep in mind that social media should be leveraged as a top of mind and referral type of marketing, meaning people are most likely not going to log into their Facebook or their Instagram or any of their other social media channels to find a property damage restoration contractor when they have an emergency.

However, people are utilizing social media to absorb content. So if you’re looking for things to post for your restoration company, to connect with your target customers, make sure you’re posting things that are relative to the type of jobs that you’re trying to get and make sure that you’re not. He’s asking for the sale.

You want to use the 80-20 rule from my book, the no BS guide to internet marketing for restoration contractors that states 80 % or more of your posts should provide value. Now when I talk about providing value, I’m talking about posting videos on frequently asked questions, answering the question, teach people something, and then every once in a while ask for the sale.

For instance, a lot of you out there in the colder states are moving into a season where you’re going to get a lot of frozen pipe jobs. Well, that’s a perfect opportunity. For maybe one post a week or every other week that says, Hey, we can help you out with your frozen or burst pipe problem. Make sure that you’re providing value in that post.

Teach them something. And as always, syndicate that content to make sure you’re getting the most out of each piece of content. Meaning if you’re gonna create a video about burst pipes or about storm damage, or about mold, make sure you take that video and put it on YouTube. Put it on all of your social media channels, transcribe it, put it as a blog on your website to get the most visibility as possible.

Remember as well, social media is a two way street, so engagement is very important. Don’t just put your social media on autopilot or hire an agency to put vanilla posts up because it’s not going to do you any favors. Make sure you’re posting before and afters of jobs and testimonials.

Make sure you’re capitalizing on the referral and top of mind mentality type of marketing. That way, when somebody’s scrolling on their Facebook, book. They see your content. It’s helpful. It’s down the road. One day they may need property damage or know somebody and they’ll have an easier time remembering your company and referring their friends or family to you.

Now, get out there, check out your social media channels and make sure you’re utilizing the 80 20 rule when it comes to posting on your social media and talk to you soon.

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