In this clip from a recent podcast with Zach from Liftify, he talks about a common problem business owners have when it comes to asking customers to leave a review online.

“ So, the number one thing that we come up against when we’re talking to businesses, and I just wanna encourage those listening is business owners have a bias towards thinking their company is not as good as it actually is. Because all day they just deal with the problems in their business.

And so we come across so many businesses that. When they start talking about getting reviews, they’re in the back of their mind thinking about the two problems they dealt with, you know, last month, or those crazy customers and they make the decision consciously or unconsciously, they’ll say, we’re not gonna ask because what if that one person left a bad review?

And what they don’t realize and they’re not seeing is most of their company customers are happy. They do a great job for their customers and they deliver a great service. And at the expense of having 99 people vote for you and help you and drive your business forward. They’re so scared of that one negative that it prevents them from taking advantage of it.

And we do a lot of coaching around that. And I’ve just encourage anybody listening to this who’s like, I don’t know if we should ask our customers for reviews. What if I get a bad one? I think we could have a longer conversation about how bad ones can be good for SEO and other things, and authenticity, right? Every once in a while.

I just wanna encourage all of the restoration Boomers out there. Like, if you work hard, you run a good business, think about it, your customers are happy and you need to get that feedback and tell other customers. And once people turn this kind of faucet on, I think a lot of them for the first time. Like, have a pride that they’ve lost, you know, in their business.

Because they actually see like, “Hey, we do a great job.” Like all this hard work that we’re doing, like it’s actually making a difference. You know, for people, and when you just deal with the mud and the, you know, the muck of being a business owner, you’re dealing with the problems. Sometimes you can lose sight of that. So I just wanted to add that.”

Liftify is an online reputation and review building company whose comprehensive solutions are finally solving the review gathering problem once and for all.

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