Here’s a clip from our recent podcast with Rod Cruce from Trifecta Growth Institute where he talks about one of the biggest reasons why restoration companies are not growing. For example, they’ll focus too much on sales & marketing for leads but they don’t have the systems in place internally to deliver those jobs properly.

About Trifecta Growth Institute:
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Ben: So we talked about a few things and what I’d love for you to do is identify two or three key fundamental issues in the industry even if there’s overlap and what we’ve already talked about I think that’ll be very valuable information. And then how you aim to solve those problems or something actionable that somebody can take away from this episode right now and implement in their business to be able to solve those issues.

Rod: Yeah, absolutely. You know, you’re on the sales and marketing aspect of it, and you know, I’m sure you understand functions of business, right? Sales and marketing are functions of business. Operations is functions of business. Then you have your finance and your admin, and that’s every business.

Every business has those five. You can narrow them down to three different departments. But if you don’t have yourself understanding that piece of it, that sales and marketing is going to, is going to bring you business.

And if you, you may have a really, really effective sales marketing piece, but if you get all those jobs in and you can’t turn those jobs, then your cashflow is going to suffer. Your reputation is going to suffer. Your, your entire, image.

And so, you’ve got to have a good operations and team, just like you’re talking about. It’s got to take that hand off. Because, you know, a lot of people will focus on just doing the sales and marketing piece. And they’re like, “Oh, we got to grow, we got to grow, we got to grow.”

But they’re not set up internally. I see that being a major issue a lot of times. I mean, we’re working with a couple of companies right now that, you know, made a huge jump and they were able to get the jobs in, but now they can’t complete them.

So one of the biggest things I would ask, you know, for people in the industry is look at yourself, look at your functions of business and see how they’re operating. You know, if you’ve got really great sales marketing and you’re getting leads and you’re closing leads and you’re getting that point, but your operations is not able to handle it.

I mean, sometimes you may have to back off the gas pedal a little bit and realize you got to grow in a different way. You know, it’s not by the number of jobs, but you still want to be able to have that. And you want those, those mechanisms and those sales funnels to bring you in.

But you’ve got to get some better suspension underneath the tires and get some better tires. It’s going to be able to handle the load. So you can turn that or else what’s going to happen is, you’re going to run short on cash flow. And then you’re going to suffer either way, and reputation wise.

So one of the things I say, look at that from a business perspective and see where you want, where you need to grow first. That’s the first one.

Watch the full podcast episode here:

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