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Have you ever heard the expression “The cobblers children have no shoes”? You know the drill, while you are busy restoring homes and businesses after fires, floods, and other disasters as a professional restoration company, it can be difficult to save time to work on your SEO services to attract new customers. And just like you are the best in your field and know that your clients should never try to do restoration work themselves, when it comes to SEO for restoration companies, you should hire a trained professional to take care of your marketing for restoration companies. Although it might seem simple to do SEO for restoration companies, there are many tricks that professional SEO services can offer that you may not know about. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are extremely effective, but you have to do them well in order to reap the benefits. SEO for restoration companies is best done by a professional company who specializes in marketing, so that you can focus on building your business and working with your clients.

Make the most of your landing page

Google will give you a higher ranking if your landing page contains the keywords you are using. The Google Quality Score shows the relevance between the landing page and the keywords you have used, and based on how they match up, you will achieve a better ranking in your marketing for restoration companies. Ironclad Restoration Marketing’s SEO specialists for restoration companies understand this, and will help make the most of your landing page.

Specialize in key words

Professional SEO services will also show you the importance of your keywords. SEO specialists agree that having only 3-5 keywords is the way to go, and sometimes one is even more effective. Marketing for restoration companies also advises that you use some geographic keywords in your PPC, so that the customers who are located in your area will find you easily. 

Utilize competitors’ pages

Although it might sound counterintuitive, looking at competitors’ pages is another trick of professional SEO services. Seeing what the competitors in your area are doing can help you up your own game, and especially help you to differentiate your advertising from your competitors. 

Spend some money

Although it is tempting to set a tight budget, SEO services for small business can succeed more easily if you lift your advertising cap for a few months to see where you land. SEO for restoration companies understands that a tight budget will not get you the results you want, but by testing your budget for a few months you will be able to land in the sweet spot. 

Rock the call to action

Match your call to action to what your typical customers want, and you will be more successful with your PPC advertising. SEO for restoration companies require you to stand out from the crowd and write a call to action that will make prospective customers pick up the phone. 

When it comes to marketing for restoration companies, you need to spend some money in order to make money. While you are busy running your restoration business, utilize professional SEO services to take the worry and headache out of your hands and put it into the hands of the people who truly understand SEO services for small business. Just like you wouldn’t want people doing restoration themselves when you are the trained professional, leave the SEO for restoration companies to professional SEO services so that you have more time and attention to fix fire and flood damage for your customers. If you let go of the marketing budget and your hands-on SEO services approach,  professional SEO services will help you utilize PPC in the most lucrative manner possible, gaining you the customers you need for a successful business.  


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