How to increase conversions on your Restoration Company’s Website


If you’re spending money on SEO or PPC for your Restoration Business and still not getting those calls then you might have a conversion issue. Conversion means converting traffic to calls, which when it comes to digital marketing is the key to growing your Restoration Business.  In this video from The Restoration Rundown Podcast, we show you a few easy ways to increase the conversions on your restoration website to get more sales.

We Cover:

  • The importance of a mobile friendly website
  • 4 fundamental elements of web design
  • Put Important information Above the fold
  • Clickable Phone number

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Transcript below:

Speaker 1 (00:01):

What’s up everybody today. We’re gonna talk about how to set your restoration business up, uh, specifically the website to help convert traffic into sales. Um, we talk about conversion. We’re talking about converting traffic, which are your targeted visitors into actually more leads. Um, so if you have a 2% conversion rate and you have 200 visitors on your website, you’re gonna have about four restoration jobs. I don’t know where your targets are, but it’s kind of low. Um, but if you just increased that a little bit higher at a 4% conversion rate, you’re gonna double your revenue. Okay. Um, so, you know, it’s super important to have conversion. There’s a few things that we talk about quite a bit. It, um, that we’re gonna mention here on the restoration rundown podcast, uh, that are gonna help you get your restoration website, um, built to convert more of that traffic into sales.

Restoration Company’s Website

Speaker 1 (00:52):

So, um, hopefully you have Google analytics installed on your site. If not, I highly suggest doing it, especially if you’re doing SEO, you wouldn’t be really doing SEO if you did not have Google analytics on your site. Um, so there’s four things that you can do right now, um, to increase your conversions on your restoration website. Okay. So, you know, obviously one big one is the mobile site. You see, we have a couple different device, responsive screenshots here. Um, number one, couple things, rule of thumb. These are the basics. These are the easiest things that you can do. Right, right. Now you really don’t even have to have a whole lot of web development experience. Um, we always preach to use WordPress as your CMS. Um, and if you did, then this is even easier to do. Um, number one, wanna have a nice professional looking logo.


Speaker 1 (01:35):

A lot of guys out there, actually a lot of companies, whether it’s restoration business industry or not, um, they neglect their brand, right? So, you know, why are you starting this business in the first place? Do you want to grow it? Or do you want to just like make a couple bucks here and there and move on to the next thing? Um, branding is huge. This is your tangible asset. This is what and how people are gonna recognize your business. So spend some time, spend the money, developing a nice professional looking logo. And most of all, if you’re gonna go through all that, make sure that’s the thing that you see on the top left of your website. Okay. Uh, next thing, um, you’re gonna wanna make sure that you have some sort of us P your unique selling proposition. So what makes you different than the competition?

Speaker 1 (02:16):

Why shouldn’t somebody choose your business? Um, 24 7 emergency service is an easy one. Most of you guys out there offer that, um, right. A way, just do the nature of your business. Um, you know, something could be family owned and operator veteran owned and operated, um, you know, two hour response time, you know, whatever U us P is, make sure that that’s at the front first and foremost, part of your website right now, we’re in a microwave society. You don’t wanna give people too much time to home and home around and try to look for the things they’re looking for. All right. So the USP is a good idea. Call to action. However you wanna say it a big one here. This is probably the most important one, especially nowadays, um, for your mobile site is having a phone number up at the top, right. Or somewhere that’s really pronounced on your website. Um, and the other thing is, make sure

Speaker 2 (02:59):

It’s clickable. Okay. You want them to be able to click the call? Okay. Because you’re gonna see that if you do have analytics installed, a lot of that traffic is coming from a mobile device. Um, you wanna make sure you have the important information above the fold. What do you do? Uh, the last thing you want to do is have somebody find you on Google, go to your website and it takes them for ever to even figure out what your company does. You want to make it easy for them. You gotta think about, um, the old newspaper adage above the fold. They put all that important information above the fold, and the same thing goes for your website and even more so again, for the mobile version of your website. Okay. Um, you gotta remember Google a couple years ago, switch to mobile first indexing.

Speaker 2 (03:37):

So if you don’t have a mobile website, um, you are not only not gonna get ranked. Um, but if your site’s not mobile friendly, um, you’re gonna have people bouncing off and your conversion’s gonna go right into the. Okay. Um, you need to make sure and realize that greater than 70% that we’re seeing here for our restoration clients greater than 70% of traffic owner restoration website, it’s coming from a cell phone. Um, you gotta remember an emergency type situation. Computers are not gonna be available. Sometimes there’s no power, but a lot of times you will have that cell phone, especially now with the hotspots and cellular hotspot that are around, people are using their phones. So if a storm hits, um, like we have down here in south Florida, and people need somebody to come help remediate their damage. They’re pulling out their phone, they’re not pulling and yellow pages.

Speaker 2 (04:20):

They’re not gonna open up their computer cause they probably won’t have power. Um, and you gotta make sure that just because you have a mobile site and you check that box, have to make sure that it’s also built for conversion. So convert that traffic that’s coming from a mobile device to a sale. Um, and you use the same sort of principles, okay. On a mobile, on a mobile site, you’re gonna wanna make sure that you have a good UX, right? You don’t wanna make them have to scroll to find what they want, what they want is they want your phone number. They want to click the call and, and nowadays we’re actually even adding more another click the call here, click here for emergency service. Um, we don’t want ’em to do any work, right. Um, you wanna make sure you have that phone number at the top, right?

Speaker 2 (05:04):

Um, this is an iPad. So device responsive, typically when you’re gonna build a mobile site, um, it, it pretty much is gonna be responsive for any size device. So if they’re using an iPad, uh, to find you as like some demographics are doing now, um, at least you have that ground cover, um, you know, shows what you do, the important information above the, and you gotta make sure. So the couple key, key takeaways here, uh, making sure you have your basics in order you have your professional looking logo, you’ve got your phone number up at the top, right? That is clickable. Um, a really good idea too, on your desktop site is displaying your reviews. So if you think about the buyer’s journey, they’re gonna find you on Google. If you’re doing SEO properly, um, sometimes they’re gonna check out your Google business. They’re gonna go to your website.

Speaker 2 (05:45):

If you have all your Google reviews, there, you keep everything nice and tight above the fold for them. You’re gonna help make that buying decision for them. They’re not gonna have a chance to bounce off and check out your competition. Once they get to your site, you want them to stay there until they take action. Click that button to call you, or fill out a contact form to get in touch, to get their property remediated. Now, a couple other hacks that you can do. Um, if you have the basics in order, video’s always a good idea to include on your homepage. Never autoplay a video. Um, people don’t like that, uh, especially like if they’re in a, a situation where they’re at work, um, and somebody, uh, has their husband or their wife go on and try to find property damage, and they’re trying to hide it.

Speaker 2 (06:23):

And all of a sudden, you’ve got this loud video blaring in the background, just make it to where they can take action and click the video. Um, and you gotta make sure too that your site is optimized for mobile. Um, you need to add some trust, logos, testimonial videos are go great. Add all your accreditations there. Um, because when people are searching for your services, they have an immediate need. So you do not wanna make them have to look too hard to find the things that they’re looking for. All right. So those are just four quick tips on how to increase your conversion rate on your website. Um, you know, you need to make sure you, you have a WordPress site, make sure you’re doing an SEO. Once they get to that site, you want them to stay there and pick up the phone. The call. My name is Ben with the restoration rundown podcast and we help restoration businesses grow their business the right way. We’ll talk to you soon.



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