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Pay-Per-Click marketing uses search engine and social media advertising to direct clicks to your website as opposed to organically driven traffic. It works by sending visitors to your website when they click on your ad, with you paying the search engine per click. A thoughtfully orchestrated PPC campaign can yield much higher returns than anticipated when nominal click costs outweigh customer sales.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Benefits


Most people utilize search engines when trying to find products and services they need. If ads are relevant to what the searcher is looking for, this means the searcher has achieved their goal.


Advertisers benefit from PPC because it utilizes keywords that the advertiser has chosen to rank for and paired them with matching customers looking for the same keywords. Carefully curating your target audience with PPC helps to reach those who are actively and specifically searching for your product.

Search Engines

Search engines aim to satisfy searchers and advertisers alike with the goal being providing relevant results. Searchers account for the search engine’s user base and advertisers comprise the revenue stream.

How search results are chosen with Google Ads

Each time a search begins, Google reviews its advertising pool of bidders before showing an appropriate ad. The most important factors Google looks for when determining which bidder will place highest is quality and relevance of keywords and ad text and bid amounts.

Further, exactly where a potential ad is shown is dependent on CPC (cost-per-click) and Quality Score. CPC is the most an advertiser is willing to spend each time their ad is clicked. Quality score is determined by a number of factors including click through rate, relevance and landing page. Quality scores affect your actual CPC in that if your quality is high, your cost may be less than your highest offered bid amount. Operating this way allows advertisers to set their marketing budget at a reasonable cost that works best for them and rewards them for offering quality ad content that searchers find relevant.

Is PPC Advertising the right choice for you?

Pay-Per-Click marketing can be beneficial for most every business whether products or services.

Increase Customer Base

Potential customers directly searching for your services are supplied with solutions and relevant results from your offerings.

Pay Low Costs For New Leads

Efficiently spend what you budget and plan for while reaching targeted customers that are more likely to utilize your services.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Keyword Research

Though sometimes time-consuming, adequate keyword research is an integral factor in determining the success of your PPC campaign. The Pay per click for restoration companies is the best campaigns are reviewed frequently for growth and refinement in keywords. As each click is a cost, only the most relevant keywords should be chosen, after inputting much thought. This relates back to click through rate and quality scores because if your targeted keywords match what the searcher is looking for, not only does the searcher find what they’re looking for but you, the advertiser end up with sales Pay per click for restoration companies.

Long-tail keywords should also be incorporated to ensure thoroughness. Choosing longer, more particular keywords can narrow a broader group into a more specific search, closing the gap between you and your target potential customers.

Example: water damage restoration

Proper keyword research also includes negative keyword research. Negative keywords are words and phrases that you do not want to rank for. This helps to weed out customers who may be searching for similar products or services to yours.

Example: water cleaner

Once your campaigns are established, be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of your keywords often, both targeted and negative, to ensure the highest ROI. Ad groups may also perform better when split and more narrowly targeted. Regular optimization always helps to improve quality scores.

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